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They are simply part of a modern diet: the plant-based cheese alternatives from Simply V. They make it easy to eat vegan and delicious at the same time. Made with almonds and a few other valuable ingredients, Simply V products keep up effortlessly with the "original". Or simply stated: Vegan in Wow!

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Gourmet Spread

If you’re a fan of delicious, creamy spreads, you’ll love our Gourmet Spread! Admittedly, we have the idea from cream cheese. However, we find that the Gourmet Spread goes at least one better than where the idea came from. With its purely plant-based ingredients, it simply tastes like heaven. Luckily, it is available in three different tastes.
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Gourmet Slices

Of course we put our Gourmet Slices on our bread in the usual way and are thrilled every single time. The fact that our Slices are purely plant-based is precisely what makes them aromatic and perfect as a small snack which is available in two different flavours: mild and intense
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Plant Based Gourmet Grated

You love food au gratin, a golden yellow crust and the wonderful gooey strings, but at the same time, you’d like to eat plant-based only? That is what our Gourmet Grated is for: it melts at just 180° over pizzas and casseroles – just the way cheese does. Even the smell of it is just as tempting.
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Our team simply v

When we started out with a small team in the Allgäu region, we had a lot of knowledge about good cheese and one important question: how can we create something similar but in vegan? In our search for a solution, we found the almond. It gives us everything we need: a wonderful basis to make something new with the means of cheese-making. We put dedication, time and all our know-how into the recipes. The result is Simply V. Gourmet ideas that we are proud of.

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Sustainability simply v

Today, no one can ignore sustainability, and we don't want to – – our products are the best proof of this. We strive to do everything we can to ensure that the Earth remains a planet worth living on. Sustainability is therefore a very high priority for us. We work every day to become just that little bit better. To do this, we put everything to the test – the raw materials as well as the packaging and, of course, the production. You can find out how we make Simply V even more sustainable here.

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