Simply V – Brings color to the fridge & variety to the table

We offer a colorful range of cheese alternatives to suit every taste.

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Simple, colorful & delicious - our cheese alternatives

Grated Mild

Perfect for pizza, to Melt away, simply good
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Slices Mild

Simply to put on top, versatile use, simply good
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Slices Intense

Hearty and savory, to put on top or melt in your mouth, simply good
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Block Intense

Intense and savoury, for topping or sprinkling, simply good
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Grated Parmvegan

Perfect for pasta, simply for sprinkling on top, simply good
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We all sit at the same table, have big ideas or small setbacks. We merge with or rub up against each other. But we can learn from each other and grow together. We are convinced of that. We are committed to working together. And we think about community, climate and the future together. With Simply V, we create a good gut feeling. Enjoy the taste.

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