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How it all started

With Simply V, we have rethought cheese - for good reason:

During our research into new trends and products in 2014, we noticed that the topic of plant-based nutrition was gaining momentum. Many consumers want to eat a plant-based diet in whole or in part - but not without the taste of cheese.

And so, with a small team in the Allgäu region, we started to rethink cheese production and develop plant-based cheese alternatives. Everyone in our team had many years of experience in traditional cheese production. We put all our expertise and passion into developing the products. We found the perfect basis in almonds and, thanks to a newly developed production process, Simply V was ready for the market in a very short time.

We took the market by storm with our first product, the spread. Since then, we have used our expertise to set new standards in the field of plant-based cheese alternatives and have added further alternatives to our range. From slices and blocks to grated varieties. We set new standards with every product and show that taste is possible without compromise.

Idea for plant-based cheese alternatives is born
Foundation of the E.V.A. GmbH with a small team
The first Simply V product Gourmet Spread enters the market
Gourmet Slices enter the market
We are market leader after only 12 months
Our first TV commercial
The plant based Gourmet Grated is delivered the first time
Our product portfolio has grown to 17 plant-based cheese alternative products
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