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For a simply good gut feeling

We all sit at the same table, have big ideas or small setbacks. We merge with or rub up against each other. But we can learn from each other and grow together. We are convinced of that. We are committed to working together. And we think about community, climate and the future together. With Simply V, we create a good gut feeling. Enjoy the taste.

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Simply V is colorful and diverse

We offer a colorful range of cheese alternatives to suit every taste. With our variety, we bring color to the fridge and taste to the table. Simply V is for everyone: we bring everyone together at one table. We don't differentiate between diets or lifestyles. If you feel good, that's the way it should be. Period. Simply V connects: We are convinced that food connects. We are committed to togetherness - at the dinner table AND in our society.

Laughing, eating and enjoying life together. That's what counts.

With the neighborhood platform and the Schutzengelwerk Berlin, we have found the perfect “community partners”. As a food brand, we see the unifying power of food as a great opportunity to strengthen personal and social interaction. We don't just want to understand human connections better, we want to actively promote and strengthen them. Because together we simply achieve more.

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Even small tricks can have a big impact: if we eat more plant-based foods, our CO2e footprint gets smaller bit by bit: plant-based foods generally have far less global warming potential than animal products. They therefore contribute less to global warming. The Öko-Institut has also confirmed this for Simply V.

According to the Life Cycle Assessment, the global warming potential of all the products examined is significantly lower than that of comparable cheese products: our plant-based alternatives each have only around a third of the global warming potential.

Environmental footprint of cheese and plant-based alternatives

(in kg CO2-eq/100 g) Source: Öko-Institut, study on the life cycle assessment (LCA) of Simply V products, 2023

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Compared to cheese our products have a small CO2e footprint

But that's not enough for us. We take responsibility and want to work together to create a future that everyone can enjoy. That's why we set ourselves ambitious goals back in 2019. We are working consistently to achieve them. As a result, the gap to achieving them is melting bit by bit.

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Now, slices on a roll:

  • We have already reduced our emissions by 50% in 2022, primarily by switching to 100% green electricity from hydropower in production*.
  • Our packaging has become lighter - 37% less plastic for slice packaging and 41% less plastic for grated pouches.
  • All slice packaging is “highly” recyclable and has been awarded the “Made for Recycling” seal of approval from interseroh.
  • We have not achieved the proportion of recycled or bio-based plastics.
We are always learning. This also means that targets can change over the years.
At the moment, we can only use normal plastic for our demanding food packaging. We have not yet found a viable alternative. So is it all cheese? No - but recyclable. Switching to 100% recyclable packaging by 2025 is our way of keeping packaging in the cycle.

* We calculate our CO2e emissions annually in accordance with the GHG Protocol. CO2e stands for CO2 equivalent - a unit of measurement used to compare different greenhouse gases.
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