Plant based gourmet grated simply v
Plant based gourmet grated simply v m

Plant Based Gourmet Grated

Tastes like cheese, but made of almonds! Our Gourmet Grated is the perfect match for all pizza fans. It melts perfectly, browns and has an aromatic taste. And most importantly: it goes stringy! If you like crispy crusts and au gratin, you should also try lasagne, casserole, or gratins. Thanks to its hearty, spicy flavour, our Gourmet Grated is also at its best in the fondue pot!

  • Spicy aromatic taste
  • Melts perfectly, browns and goes stringy
  • Our favourite for pizza, casserole, gratin and co.
Almonds make the difference

We searched for the perfect plant base for Simply V and found it in almonds. That’s what help us achieve the unique aromatic Simply V taste and distinctive texture.

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If you’re happy, we are

We want you to enjoy the best and most delicious vegan cheese alternatives. That’s why we put all our effort, time and know-how into the recipes.

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Grated cheese alternative


Watching our vegan grated cheese alternative melt is simply a pleasure. When you pull the pizza, casserole, or gratin out of the oven, the spicy aroma hits your nose and you finally dig into the crispy layer, you've arrived in gourmet heaven. So: prepare a larger portion because everyone loves dishes with our Gourmet Grated!


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