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Climate protection is measurable

A burger here, a cheese sandwich there - or try the plant-based lasagna at a family celebration. If you feel good, that's a good thing. The climate also has its habits to make you feel good all round. Would you like to support us? It's actually quite simple!

Reduction potential for greenhouse gas emissions (in t)

Umweltbundesamt, 25.7.2023; Source: WBAE 2016 / Öko-Institut 2014 / Meier 2015 / CO2-Rechner /WWF 2021 / Willett et al. 2019 / DGE 2020 / own presentation

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A tasty ingredient for this? Our products. The life cycle assessment carried out by the Öko-Institut has confirmed that the global warming potential of all products tested is significantly lower than that of comparable cheese products. Our plant-based alternatives each have only around a third of the global warming potential. What else did we find out? See for yourself.

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The water issue shows that it's not all “peace, joy and cheesecake” for us. We are not satisfied with the poor result. We have set up an internal working group to develop possible solutions and test alternatives. We'll let you know as soon as we have any news.

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