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You love cheese but want to enjoy purely vegetable? Then we have just the right thing for you with our vegan cheese alternatives. Whether pure on bread for grilling, baking or cooking - there is definitely something for you here.

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Whether hot or cold, on bread or for cooking, in the morning, at lunch or in the evening – thanks to our delicious products you won't miss anything. All you have to do is decide which cheese alternative you're most in the mood for at an given moment. How about a bagel with our delicious creamy spread or a break sandwich with the connoisseur slices? Maybe the oven is already preheated and the pizzas with our delicious grated topping are just waiting to be baked? In summer, of course, the tasty grill and pan creations must not be missing at a BBQ. Best served together with a fresh summer salad with mango, arugula and shepherd's pie? For dessert, we can recommend delicious Cheesecake Bites with our Fresh Delight or a refreshing ice cream. If you're more on the pasta and risotto team, our Pasta Delight is your new favourite that will bring back memories of your Italian vacation. No matter which product is you like best, no one can say vegan isn't delicious anymore. And what's more, all of our products are soy and palm oil free, as well as gluten, dairy and lactose free. Instead, we use nuts – almonds, cashews and walnuts. All that remains for us to say is: Bon appétit.


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