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Tasty future

We are working on a future that tastes good for everyone. We have set ourselves targets for 2025. But when we notice something, we tackle it. That's why we're working on many other small and large projects. Here's a look behind the scenes for you.

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What is going on
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... in production?

We have achieved our reduction target for production. That is why we are looking ahead: together with Hochland Germany, we have joined the Science Based Targets Initiative. This means we are committed to reducing our entire CO2e footprint by 2030 in line with the Paris Climate Agreement in such a way that we can make a demonstrable contribution to limiting global warming to below two degrees Celsius and preferably 1.5 degrees Celsius. This includes using 100% green electricity from hydropower and replacing older pumps and motors in production with more efficient models. And not destroying surplus food, but giving it to food banks or special sales. In 2023, we saved 39 tons.

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... with the packaging?

Our cheese alternatives should always be tasty and safe on your tables. That's why we developed our packaging. With our targets for 2025, we want to use less and less material and at the same time increase recyclability to 100%. The ranking is clear: slice packaging is in first place. It has been rated by interseroh as having “very good” recyclability and weighs 37% less than in 2019. We will fill the rest of the podium in the coming months. In 2024, grated bags will be fully recyclable.

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... with the ingredients

There are no cows on the pasture for our cheese alternatives. Here it's more a case of “hanging out”. Almonds and coconuts are primarily responsible for the taste of our Simply V products. We conducted a comprehensive survey to find out about the growing conditions. Based on this complete transparency, we are now developing joint measures and projects. One initial initiative is “Food for Biodiversity” . This alliance of companies from the food industry, agriculture, NGOs, science, associations and authorities is contributing to the sustainable transformation of food systems by promoting biodiversity.

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