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Understanding, promoting and shaping community

Super long strings in your favorite dish - simply to be melting away. It's only logical that we also focus on connections. But not just between slices of pizza, but above all between people. To do this, we follow three steps: understand, promote and strengthen. Actually quite simple, isn't it?


How is community actually lived in Germany? And what role does food play in this? We asked you - together with Our representative survey “Pflanz dich zu uns” has shown how important meals are for togetherness. For most people, time at the dinner table means one thing above all: time to chat with our favorite people. We will use the extensive findings to further develop our commitment.

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Devour a juicy burger? Definitely! Even more fun is topping, frying and eating together - instead of alone. Meals with friends, acquaintances or (still) strangers are not THE solution. But they make many things better. Under the motto “Join us"”, we bring people from all over Germany together at one table. Good food and good company simply belong together.

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“Let's cook together!”. This can be the beginning of long-lasting friendships and acquaintances - finally merging what belongs together. With our support for “Neighbors' Day”, we want to strengthen cohesion in the long term. On this day of action, thousands of neighbors come together to get to know each other or meet up again. We also support children who do not have an easy start in life with the “Schutzengelwerk Berlin”. They experience a loving and supportive community, for example through vacation programs and homework help.

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