Raw materials simply v m

Tasty kernel with a great effect

We looked for the healthy plant-based basis for Simply V for a long time. We found it in the Californian almond. California is the only place where the growers solely produce sweet almonds. In them lies the secret of the aromatically true Simply V taste. Because we also pay attention to environmentalism, we prefer to work together with small family-run businesses in northern California. After the harvest, the hull and the shell are removed from the almonds there and they are prepared for us to further process. The journey is worthwhile. Thanks to the absolutely sweet almonds, we are able to offer cheese fans a convincing vegan alternative.

Simply v the coconut

Hard shell, gentle oil

Anybody who has tried to crack a coconut knows the problem. It is really difficult to get the treasures out of the large drupaceous fruit. The pulp is well-protected. This is where we acquire the oil for Simply V from as well. We purchase it from a manufacturer that deliberately works together with small farmers and who advocates fair payment to the farmers.
Coconut trees grow only in a few regions of the earth. They need certain temperatures and high humidity. Because they can cope with salt water and sparse, sandy soil, they are an important plant for coastal protection. At the same time, they possess a high agricultural benefit – a rare combination. We find it important to promote the sustainable growth of them.

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