Gourmet spread mild simply v
Gourmet spread mild simply v m

Gourmet Spread Mild

It's fresh, it's white, it's creamy, it tastes like more: our Gourmet Spread Mild with the gentle touch of almonds is a true all-round talent. It can do anything that a plain cream cheese can. It’s perfect for gravies, on bread, in a cake and on tarte flambée. Its greatest plus: the unforgettably pleasant nutty fresh taste. It simply goes down well.

  • Mild, fresh taste and so creamy
  • Made with almonds
  • The all-rounder - on bread, for baking or cooking
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Almonds make the difference

We searched for the perfect plant base for Simply V and found it in almonds. That’s what help us achieve the unique aromatic Simply V taste and distinctive texture.

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We want you to enjoy the best and most delicious vegan cheese alternatives. That’s why we put all our effort, time and know-how into the recipes.

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Mild cream cheese alternative

Toast and sandwiches aren't the end of the story: our mild cream cheese alternative can be used in a variety of ways due to its mild and fresh taste. It doesn’t contain palm oil or soy, and has the consistency and taste of "real" cream cheese. If you take a look at our recipes, you'll be amazed that you can even make sweet tarte flambée, vegan biscuits, muffins and ice cream with our creamy mild spread! A true all-rounder!


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