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The delicious cream cheese alternative

Inspired by cream cheese, our Gourmet Spread is rising to even higher spheres. We have produced it on an almond basis and find it wonderfully uncomplicated. Every one of the three flavours goes perfectly on good bread. But they’re the perfect partners in other situations. too. Depending on the task at hand, they can be used as a topping, they thicken, refine or whip up. They can even be baked! And as our three Gourmet Spread variations are solely plant-based, we have a particular feeling of lightness when eating them.

Even if we just happen to eat a whole pack.

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Our Gourmet Spread is the creamiest of all cream cheese alternatives and at the same time has that mild almondy and natural taste. We can't get enough of it. And best of all, it's an all-rounder - it can do everything a cream cheese can do! It can bind sauces, refine cakes, top tarte flambée and enchant breads.
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This is the absolute favourite for your bagel. Deliciously creamy with a fresh herb flavour – just as if it were fresh from the garden. But it doesn't just look great on bread. Our herb spread goes well with soups, sauces, jacket potatoes or in sushi. This makes cooking fun!
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Mixed Peppers

Our red cream cheese alternative is the star of your fridge: delicious fruity paprika flavour and sooo creamy! If you don't spread it directly on your bread, it's the best choice for vegetable sticks, filled dumplings and sauces.
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The delicious plant-based cream cheese alternative


Mild, Herbs, Mixed Peppers – there are three delicious Gourmet Spread varieties, every one as good as the other. It's best to have all three in your fridge, because fans of this cream cheese alternative often find it hard to choose. No wonder, because the trio of delicacies tastes great on bread and easily improves every recipe, too. The best thing about our cream cheese alternatives – apart from their special taste – is the light feeling they give us because they’re purely plant-based. Without palm oil and without soy!


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