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Our drive and basic principles

Make the world a little more plant friendly with us

Our goal is to make the world a little more plant-based. That's why we give our best every day to make delicious plant-based cheese alternatives for you that taste just like their cheese relatives. Everyone should have the opportunity to eat plant-based without compromising on taste or application. Our delicious products are intended to inspire enthusiasm for the plant-based lifestyle and thus make an active contribution to shaping the future in a positive way. We use the best ingredients and have the highest quality standards. We want to protect the environment and resources - with conscious decisions for the future and for our planet.

We step on the gas!
Our mission

Our mission unites what is most important to us: a plant-based nutrition that is fun and inspiring, high-quality and delicious cheese alternatives and conscious choices for the future and our planet.

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What makes us different?
Together with you, we would like to positively shape the future - a more plant-based world for us and future generations. Most important for us are always you with your wishes and needs.
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We want to produce for you the best plant-based cheese alternatives!
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Together with you we would like to make the world a little more plant friendly
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The most important for us is you & your opinion and feedback!
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We work with passion and joy - hopefully you can feel that?!
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We are absolutly food lovers and invest all our passion into recipe development for you
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Together with you we are one big Simply V Family.
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